Envirosell Behavioral Research Consulting

Envirosell Behavioral Research Consulting

Our company specializes in studying consumer’s attitude and view on various fields. It is essential for our company to go out in the world and process how things work in real life. A great idea will be implemented only when someone is there to tell us in practice how it feels, works, and looks. The key element that guarantees our success is being connected to the reality and the world of a customer. Just take a look at this video for understanding us better.

About Paco

Paco Underhill founded this company thirty years ago starting from the idea of analyzing people’s behavior. This idea turned into a real business and field of study that continuously requires research.

The company uses different approaches to better achieve the goal. Some of the methods that we use are:

  1. integrating analysis of layout
  2. global insights, merchandising
  3. design research for retail
  4. service environments.

But human’s psychology has priority among all the above techniques.

Our company usually comes up with research and consulting solutions for firms, organizations, banks, shops, and other places. The rule is – always think as the customer!

Envirosell’s team

Our company’s success is possible thanks to our dedicated workers around the world. We have experts all around the globe – New York City, Tokyo, Istanbul, London, Milan, Seoul, and other cities. You can read the full list of our members and their position in our company in the specific Team section. You may also find a brief info about what each of them does.

Paco Underhill’s personality

Paco Underhill has started his business by first opening a behavioral research and consultancy agency in New York. During his life, he has lived in so many places, that he gained lots of experience and interacted with various people. He has changed so many cities because his father was a diplomat. He has also worked for a non-profit group Project for Public Spaces.

Paco’s books have now a great influence on people’s way of thinking, especially consumers and companies that sell products. Why We Buy: The Science of Shopping is a bestseller and is recognized worldwide.

His new work is What Women Want that explains women’s behavior when it comes to shopping. It is a useful book not just for men, but for women, too.

His only wish was to get something independently. That is why he has started his work early first in a non-profit organization. Even if his father was a diplomat, he always wanted to achieve everything by himself.

He once mentioned in a speech that he was able to become financially responsible only after informing himself correctly. Every time you take a loan, borrow money, sign a contract, or even read a contract’s terms and conditions, you need to know the points you are most interested in.

He gave some examples of great educational articles on how to become financially responsible and when to trust a company, a bank, or an organization. Among them, there were: Bank of America, Direct Loans Lenders, Loan Depot, and many others.

There is also a separate Website you can look for further info and check how you can talk to Paco.

If you are interested in the events Paco has participated, access the Bulletin on our site.